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Certified Boudoir is a website featuring Certified Professional Boudoir Photographers from all around the world. Certified Professional Boudoir Photographers are photographers who have completed our detailed Boudoir Certified program. Our Boudoir Certified education program for photographers educates them in detail on the leading strategies from business, marketing, pricing, shooting, posing, lighting, clients experience, client privacy & more. Lead instructor Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts has over 14 years experience in the photography as a professional photographer and has specialized in boudoir photography for the majority of her career. Her Boudoir Photography teachings through Boudoir Certified have helped photographers all around the globe to turn their studios from almost out of business to thriving. She believes the more boudoir photographers we can help book more clients and run sustainable studios, then the more women we can collectively empower around the world.

Once her Boudoir Certified students have graduated with a score of 90% or higher & passed the test they officially become a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer (CPBP). CPBPs have high levels of experience in photography, posing, lighting, customer service, client experience, professionalism, client privacy & in running a sustainable professional photography studio business.

If you’re looking to find a boudoir photographer you can trust for your boudoir photography shoot to get the best shots, give you the best experience & be the most professional look no further then hiring a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer.


Every woman deserves to feel empowered, and now it’s your turn!

Boudoir Photography Pink Tulle
Photo by Jess Jones Boudoir

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