CPBP stands for Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer. A CPBP is a photographer that has completed our 8-module Boudoir Certified program, has successfully put all of our systems in place and has passed our test to prove that they deserve to be a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer.

Our program, Boudoir Certified, was created by founder Molly Keyser of Molly Marie Photography. Using these systems Molly was able to grow her Boudoir Photography business to 6 figures per year and empower thousands of women through the art of boudoir photography at her studio.

Boudoir Certified successfully teaches our students Molly’s methods in business, marketing, sales, shooting, posing, lighting & more. Our goal is to help photographers profitably and sustainably add on boudoir photographers to their offerings or better yet, go full time with Boudoir Photography.


Through this course we’re able to help give boudoir photographers the tools they need to be successful but also the tools they need to ensure their clients have life changing professional experiences each and every time.

When it comes to choosing a Boudoir Photography we understand it can be overwhelming. You don’t know who to go with and most importantly who to trust with such intimate photographs. This is exactly why we created Boudoir Certified.

In a field with no regulations we want to set the standard. We want to make it easy for women to find boudoir photographers in their area that they know they can trust to give a professional and life changing experience.

This site was created to help our mission grow even more. We created this site so that you the client can search for a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer near you.

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